Italy has a stunning range of walking destinations to suit all tastes and levels ranging from high Alpine treks to easy walks through vineyards. Italy has a very long Mediterranean coast and its main mountain chains are the Apennine Mountains forming the backbone along the length of the country and the Alps which form most of its northern boundary. We will be introducing further Italian walking holidays over the coming months.

Please follow the link below to find out more about our trekking tour in the Piedmont, Italy



Trekking Tour of Mont Viso

grade challenging alpine trekking holiday

INDEPENDENT TREKKING TOUR - 7 Nights - £475/€520 - 7 days independent walking between mountain huts

On this self-guided trekking holiday in the Italian Alps (which starts in France) you’ll explore the spectacular and wild mountain scenery around Mont Viso, an imposing and relatively isolated peak rising to 3841m in the Piedmont, Italy. This hut-to-hut trek is ideal for those who like high altitude, wild mountain landscapes, in a quiet and beautiful region of the Italian Alps.

tour of mont visi hut to hut italian alps